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In times of steadily growing demands on the processing of large amounts of data we support our customers with a wide range of know-how from various sources such as CRM or billing systems. Take advantage of our all-encompassing data management.

  • Identification of the required data and analysis requirements to build a data foundation
  • Connection of the required data sources
  • Data structuring and processing to prepare data for later analysis
  • Data cleansing, e.g. identify and clean up incomplete, erroneous or duplicate data
  • Provide data and conduct analyzes with the support of reporting and analysis tools


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We design, build and operate data warehouses and reporting solutions from a wide range of applications. 

In addition, we also support marketing departments in data processing and selection for their marketing activities. All work carried out is subject to the strictest requirements with regard to compliance with data protection and data security.

Our Services

  • Data Architecture - defines the standards for how data is collected, processed, stored and integrated.
  • Data Modeling - leads to the creation of the actual databases over several data model stages (conceptual, logical, physical).
  • Data Security Management - uses a wide range of technologies (firewalls, encryption, management, etc.) to ensure integrity and authorized access to data.
  • Data Quality Management - provides rules for almost all data management points in order to ensure the quality of the data during the individual processes
  • Database Management - refers to all aspects of data storage and processing (performance monitoring, tuning, storage, capacity planning, backup / restore, archiving, deletion, availability, etc.)
  • Data Integration (ETL) - connects the flow of data from the source to the integration / transformation up to end-user delivery.
  • Business Intelligence - is created with the help of the aforementioned points and with the inclusion of reporting and analysis tools.
  • Data Mining - reveals the hidden information in large data sets and thus generates averages
  • Data Lifecycle Management - defines the strategy for the treatment of data up to its final deletion
  • Contact Data Management - is the basis for successful customer contact management with regard to marketing and customer information.


Our References include:

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