Digitalization Digitalization of Media Archives

Audio Digitalization

Benefit from the professional digitalization of your analog audio data and achieve a whole new level of quality when using digitized archive stock.

We record your audio recordings true to the original, without any loss onto the suitable digital media - in an uncompressed and / or data-reduced file format. In doing so, we standardize the different record formats and devices, determine exact time codes for the determination of single takes and the positioning of different marker points.

Your archive material remains available in the long term and can be used more effectively.

Since 1997, the audio-digitization service unit has digitized more than six million minutes of material and therefore has overwhelming experience in the transfer of analog audio sources to audio files. Trust in the years of experience and expertise of our employees in securing your material.

Media formats

We are able to digitize the following media formats:

Reel-to-reel (Full, half and quarter track), 76 cm/s - 2,4 cm/s / DAT cassettes / compact cassettes / digital cassettes (DCC) / Records (ordinary and microgroove, and Decelith), 78, 45 und 33 RPM / Dimaphone Records / Tefifon-Tapes (mechanical and magnetic) / Steel-Tapes / MiniDisks (LP1 - LP4 and HighMD) / 4- and 8-track-cartridges

Scope of Services

Our services also include:

  • Linking the digitized audio files to a reference database
  • Control and correction of the files
  • Metadata creation for the different musical pieces
  • Tag Marking

Thanks to professional technology and our trained specialists, we achieve the best possible results without any copy loss volume reduction. From now on, you will no longer have to deal with rental and leasing agreements as well as the extra expense of storage for your records & tapes.


Our references include:

Bundesministerium des Innern – Bundesarchiv, Akademie der Naturforscher “Leopoldina”, Niedersächsischer Landtag, Auswärtiges Amt der BRD

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