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Benefit from the innovative technology of intelligent color correction of your tape footage. 

ColorServant is a device specially developed for automatic or manual color correction. 

With the help of color information from the original tape, it corrects colors, carries out color depth changes and removes incorrect colors when required (Legalizing).

Thanks to ColorServant, your tape footage is optimized directly when you import it.

ColorServant was developed in cooperation with Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Köthen Germany, and is patented (DE 10 2012 102 886.9).


  • 19 Inch housing, 1RU
  • two versions: SD (blue), HD (black)
  • conventional connections such as SDI or HD-SDI in and out
  • passive, built-in power supply
  • max. 2 pixels picture delayautomatic or manual color correction

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