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Film Digitalization

Make your film material usable in the long term and rely on our years of experience in the restoration and safeguarding of film. 

We examine the available material carefully, and choose the best and most economical way to handle and digitize the originals.  

Numerous public broadcasters, as well as, for large national archives and private clients have benefited from this service.

Since all customers’ requirements are different, we have developed individual workflows for each project so as to achieve the best quality for the material during the restoration process.

Over a five-year period, we mechanically processed, sampled, and stored the digital tag data onto digital data carriers for excerpts of the German Nightly News (ARD) from 1955-1972.

AVI.DAT is able to prevent the loss of valuable historical video material, even if the condition of more than 50 years old films is not always ideal.

For over a decade we have been offering film restoration on an industrial scale at the highest quality level for the national and international market.

Visit us!

Visit us at our Leipzig location and see where and how your valuable originals are treated. Here, you can get to know our premises, evaluate the applied technology and cultivate the professional exchange of ideas with our experts.

Step by step or the full solution?

You can use our service as a complete package for optimizing and securing your material or if you only require certain services, we can offer you all individual steps from preparation and cleaning, to playing on tape or file up to final inspection.


Our references include:

Bundesarchiv/Institut für Zeitgeschichte

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