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Tape Digitalization

The heart of the digitalization solution is an industrial robotic system called SAMMA ROBOT from our partner, Front Porch Digital. Almost in real time, the machine can convert several videotapes into digital files simultaneously. With this compact system, almost all available tape materials can be converted into any desired digital format. Additional services, such as technical documentation or content documentation round out the offer.

The experts of the Tape Digitization Services carry out a variety of steps, such as:

  • Tape preparation (mechanical cleaning of the source tapes)
  • Barcode labeling
  • Determination of the type of digitization (necessary digitization passes)
  • Job Assignment to the SAMMA ROBOT
  • Job processing by the SAMMA ROBOT


We are able to digitize the following tape formats:

DigiBeta / Betacam / Betacam SX / IMX / DVCPro / DVCPro 50 / U-Matic / VHS / VHS-C / S-VHS


Our references include:

Landesarchiv Berlin, Hauptstaatsarchiv Land Sachsen-Anhalt

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