HortPRO Attendance Management System

The Product

Optimize the daily routines of your childcare facility with an intelligent system for recording, archiving and evaluating many simultaneous processes. HortPRO stores processes such as indications of children’s allergies, eating schedules, attendance lists, pick-up times and meal times digitally and makes them accessible to all the employees and care takers. 

HortPRO was developed jointly with numerous childcare facilities and offers a combined hardware and software solution, which simply integrates itself into the processes of your childcare facility. The program does not require special technical training and takes into account the principles of data protection. 

HortPRO modernizes the childcare facility in a sustainable manner and ensures that children obtain more attention from the childcare staff. 

  • Status and logging of attendance
  • Combining all child related data and facts
  • Management of projects / events / appointments
  • Documentation of child development
  • Statistical evaluations for management



The Solution

With HortPRO organizing your everyday life will be like a children's game. HortPRO is your digital presence book giving your guardians the best overview about your children, including all important information and dates during the day.

Die innovative Anwendung ist mit handelsüblichen PCs, Laptops, Tablets und Handys nutzbar und funktioniert über ein geschütztes Netzwerk. Die Digitalisierung der umfangreichen Arbeitsaufgaben in einem Hort schafft mehr Zeit für Kinder in einer personell unterrepräsentierten Branche.



Status and logging of attendance


Management of child profiles


Management of appointments and  projects


Documentation of child development, Keep the daily diary


Statistical evaluations for the management


Backup / Archiving of data, Import and Export, Management of user rights


In order to obtain practical experience for our software, we partnered with two child care facilities who assisted us in its development. The information gained in this process is permanently incorporated into the further development of HortPRO.

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