MIRAAN Broadcast Management System

The Product

MIRAAN is a powerful broadcasting management system that optimizes the processes within modern media companies.

The modular design allows individual components, as well as, the complete package to support the complete workflow in your company. The software seamlessly integrates into your existing IT environment.

Available as a complete package or in individual modules, the software can be configured according to the needs of each company.  

Key workflows within the broadcast planning process are interfaced together provided sustainably improvements in the entire broadcasting process. High versatility and seamless integration to existing IT systems make MIRAAN a unique broadcast management solution.

  • Program planning
  • Broadcasting scheduling
  • Content scheduling
  • Interlinking to material archives
  • Control of external automation systems
  • Budgeting
  • Financial controlling
  • Project management
  • Evaluation
  • Job order management
  • Resource planning
  • Graphical disposition
  • Work schedule and time tracking

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The Solution

MIRAAN supports you seamlessly in the creation, utilization and archiving of your material.

The three program modules financial, program and production planning can be adapted to the individual needs of each broadcaster and cover all areas within a modern television broadcaster.

Users from different departments can simultaneously access data and information stored in a corporate database. MIRAAN is based on a freely configurable rights system and can be extended at any time.

This gives you a fine-tuned, inherently flexible solution that extends the possibilities of modern broadcast management.


Financial planning

  • Support for planning budget resources
  • Controlling the plan data for shipments projects
  • Calculation of individual projects (e.g. message transmission, feature film, show)
  • Integrated approval procedure for financial resources
  • Extensive evaluations
  • Import & export functions to external ERP systems

    Video - MIRAAN Financial Planning

Program & Schedule Planning

  • Multichannel overview planning and detailed planning for the program sequence
  • Metadata management for programs & shows
  • Technical parameters configuration of broadcast material
  • Broadcast planning for playlist and trailer management
  • Import & export interfaces for various automated broadcast systems
  • Generating of program & TV guide information

    Video - MIRAAN Program- & Schedule Planning

Production Planning & Disposition

  • Definition of human and technical resources
  • Flexible planning of technology and personnel
  • Clear overview of processes & services
  • Web based staff module for time keeping & scheduling
  • Comprehensive statistics (ex. utilization of technology and personnel, controlling)
  • Individual configuration of employee time management rules

    Video - MIRAAN Production Planning & Disposition


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